self-claims service via WhatsApp!

You can intimate a claim 24/7 with our Automated WhatsApp Service
What is it?

An automatic reply assistant will help you and send you all the required documents that you need to fill, and have the files ready for our claims team to register your claim once the process is complete. Please make sure you follow its instructions as it is an automatic service.

Claims Video

How does it work?

To chat to us,
Click below

and you will be greeted with a

Welcome message

you can

Select your preferred

and continue

Press 4

to select the

Claims Department

To intimate a

No Claim, Press 1

Follow up an existing
claim, Press 2

To get the

location of our
garages, Press 3

To fnd the location of our partner garage panels,
Click below
How do I follow up with my handler?

In the case where you need to reach a specic handler, please Press 2 to follow up your existing claim, once you ll out the required information and are told that you will be transferred to an agent, please mention the name of the handler

What happens in the weekend?

Our bot works 24/7, you will have the ability to send all your documents and photos to us. Once we return to normal working hours, your claim will be at the top of the queue and our agents will contact you regarding the gate pass or if they need additional requirements

What happens after I get a gate pass?

Take your vehicle to the workshop indicated in the document, you can also nd the location of the garage from our whatsapp number
The garage will update to you when they can start repairing your vehicle

What are things I have to avoid?
  1. 1. Avoid sending voice notes, our bot can’t listen to them and you will need to wait till someone can listen to them. The process will go much faster by simply following the bot's instructions
  2. 2. Avoid contacting us from multiple numbers, this resets your position in our working queue, it may cause us to try and register your claim twice which will delay your process
  3. 3. Avoid sending all the photos from the start, our number is also used to renew your policy or purchase a new policy. The bot will not know who to transfer this to and your process will be delayed

You can contact us using the (follow up an existing claim) option if you need further assistance

What else can I do??

You can renew your existing policy, purchase a new policy, nd the locations of branches/garages, download documents and request a callback from our sales team